Greetings Friends: I have just changed into a summer dress as the fog has burnt away and feel the pleasure of being warm at the same time as I smell the chlorine, did they over do it today, from my swim at the local YMCA. I am reminded of the ten thousand joys and sorrows that describe our lives. Knowing it will change we are already heading towards equinox, I especially feel the delight of summer and how more of us are hanging out on the streets, in parks and cafes; our cities or towns come alive with our smiles and laughter. And then just yesterday I rolled my cart of shopping and tripped over it and found myself crying from the shock. And so also our tears. Such a stream we live and I take this opportunity to bless it: the greater stream of life and all the expressions of it that we name “me”. Blessings Blessings for this summer and fall and winter.

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