Greetings Dear Friends:
I sat at breakfast today dedicating my breakfast to all those in Japan who do not have any food to eat. Some words from Derek Wyatt came to mind
“Imagine that moment staring out at the still waters
with only a brief tremor
of your body to say you are leaving everything

I also contemplate a lecture I heard from Bhikku Bodhi last night who spoke of the importance of taking the refuges. I imagined a cloud formation streaked through the sky as though from a traveling jet carrying us from one moment to the next, one life-time to the next if you resonate with re-incarnation, connected and linked to the perfection of the Buddha’s mind. Supported also because the teachings of the dhamma means “ to support” and “uphold” and so we are carried and held now and…. Now.

I called Doctors without Borders, they are in Tokyo assessing the situation and donated what I could and continued in contemplation. Mind is the forerunner of all things. What we see in the world, we see in our minds and so I took refuge in seeing truly, in skillful intention and action dedicated to a world that is free of global warming and nuclear power plants.

With life as short as a half-taken breath
Rumi ask us, don’t plant anything but love.
Imagine that moment..leaving everything behind.carried by love and wisdom, by the blessings of the Buddha.

Blessings Arinna


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