Greetings Dear Friends,
I carried a bag of food a few nights ago and I could feel it was too heavy for me but so wanted to make it home I continued. My back responded with swelling in several places and so I am back in bed on pain meds, ice and my practice.

I have been contemplating this journey I am on and the tale Homer tells of Odysseus and the challenges he faces on his ten year voyage home and how each of us are on a journey. We are all heroines or heroes facing our many difficulties. Odysseus was held in captivity, escaped on a boat only to be driven ashore by great storms where he was captured again. My back reminds me of my journey. The outward journey of storms and capture are reflected in my own storms of fear and anxiety. Sometimes the word conquering actually feels right to describe it for it requires great energy and effort to face what is happening and the capacity to hold through with love and acceptance. And my refuge appears as the surrender to knowing I am on a journey of purification which asks of me to let go of attachment to anything other than how it is in this moment and to honor it as any heroine would.

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