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Arinna short hairArinna is now on a sabbatical until October 2021 and is out of communication until then. If there is an immediate necessity for communication you can e-mail Jean at jkasota@gmail.com and they will reach Arinna.

Welcome to Arinna’s website! This is a place to connect with the Buddha’s teachings through the lineage of U Bha Khin and Ruth Denison and to invite awareness and love into our lives.

I am also excited to be part of bringing the dharma to the practice of transforming those structures, cultures and relationships which are an unconscious expression of greed hatred and inequity. In this inquiry we have the opportunity to support the integrity of our and others well being in all aspects of life.

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You are also welcome to Email me with questions or requests for interviews.

“We long to be free but do not know how to achieve it” – Arinna’s teacher Ruth Denison